20. What About Then (WAT)

Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education

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What About Then (WAT) - Preventing Drop Out

Join the WAT Project Roundtable: Shaping Socially Sustainable Vocational Education and Training

Are you passionate about the future of vocational education and its pivotal role in creating socially sustainable development? It’s time to gather around the table and make a difference!

Why you should attend: Vocational education and training (VET) isn’t just about skills; it’s about shaping lives. It’s about fostering well-being, providing a sense of security, and empowering individuals to shape their destinies. Join us at the WAT Project Roundtable, where we dive into the intersection of VET and socially sustainable development.

What to expect: Discover the challenges and triumphs of VET dropout prevention across Europe. The “What About Then – preventing dropout” project is your source of insight! Can AI help us prevent dropouts? We’ve not only analysed the issues but also uncovered the best strategies to keep students engaged and thriving.

Be part of the solution: Your expertise matters. Together, let’s build a shared understanding and explore actionable solutions. Your voice can shape the future of VET and create a lasting impact on education, well-being, and community participation.