9. Youth Climate Empowerment

Køge Business College

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Youth Climate Empowerment

This project include students and teachers from Friedrich-List- Schule in Lübeck, Germany, Politeknika Txorierri, Bilbao, Spain, Landstede, Zwolle, The Netherlands, Agnieten College from Zwartsluis, The Netherlands and Køge Business College, Køge, Denmark. In this project the overall idea is that students in mixed groups of nationalities learn more about the climate crisis. Even though they cannot make the large changes themselves, they should get the idea that small changes can lead to larger changes if you work together. First year the students have worked with finding climate solutions for their local schools, making climate campaigns to their fellow students at the schools and implement their climate solutions at the schools. Second year the focus is on the local municipalities, where the students will work on climate solutions for the local municipalities and afterwards make campaigns, so more citizens get aware what their local municipalities work on regarding climate solutions.

The outcome of this project so far is that the students’ climate solutions have been making a Green Day at the schools to create awareness of the climate crisis and that students work on enlarging their climate handprint, which is a way to do good by reducing your individual CO2 emmissions in contrast to the CO2 footprint which is about greenhouse gases that are generated by our actions. As this project focuses on the climate handprint and the empowerment of students, we try to have a positive approach on a topic which has far-reaching consequences and can easily end up causing climate anxiety.