25. European Digital Playground – EDP

Helsinki Business College

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European Digital Playground – EDP
Join the EDP Project Roundtable and find a possibility for your students to learn skills and internationalize by playing a digital business game together with students from another country.
What can we offer for your students?
– Learn business skills in a fun and engaging way
– Encounter other cultures without need to travel
– Learn and practice English language
– Learn digital skills
–What can we offer for your school?
– Tool pack to implement digital business game into your study program
– Network to play the game with other schools
– New alternative to teach business subjects
– Gamification of business studies
We have tested the methods of training the students for the game and implementation of the game sessions both online and offline. Come and hear the testimonials of the students and the teachers.
We hope to give you inspiration to play and learn! And we would love to hear your feedback.