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GUIDE: Upgrading the skills of professionals for gender sensitive career guidance

GUIDE focuses on addressing the issue of gender and career development, as well as the ongoing obstacles hindering the achievement of equal opportunities in this field.

In order to achieve this goal, Career Guidance Professionals (CGPs) need to adopt an approach that is sensitive to gender and avoid perpetuating stereotypes when assisting individuals with their career decisions. GUIDE aims to challenge discriminatory practices and make a timely contribution towards reducing the existing imbalances in accessing career opportunities that persist across genders today.

The project aims to support career counselors in overcoming biases rooted in traditional roles, which can restrict choices and hinder equal opportunities for individuals of all genders. It is crucial to ensure that individuals of all genders have the freedom to choose from a wide range of opportunities based on their interests and abilities, rather than being limited by their gender. This approach allows for the full utilization of human talent and resources.