32. PoVE Water Scale-up


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PoVE Water operates in a society in transition, where values such as sustainability, corporate responsibility and social value creation are becoming increasingly important.

This development goes hand in hand with trends in the water sector labour market. The sustainable availability of people and the utilisation and further development of available talent are becoming central.
There is a vast need for Vocational Excellence and excellent Water sector professionals. Vocationally educated water sector professionals are the operators in the field that work directly with water resources of Europe and have, when educated appropriately as circular economy ambassadors, the power to contribute directly to the transition towards a reformative growth model that gives back to the planet more than it takes.

PoVe Water ensures that current and future water sector professionals have the key skills and competences demanded by the industry. We develop specific modular vocational education and training programmes and always let students work in real life situations, based on challenges. We will drive innovation by developing contemporary Digital and Virtual Reality learning materials.