Anne-Birgitte Rohwedder

PhD Assistant Professor, The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Department of Culture and Learning – Aalborg University, Denmark;

Anne-Birgitte Rohwedder is PhD and assistant professor at Department of Culture and Learning – Aalborg University, Denmark. Before her academic degree Anne-Birgitte has 25 years’ experience as both leader and teacher in VET. Her research interest is mainly Capacity Budling and leadership for learning in VET. Anne-Birgitte is the manager of the current cooperative Erasmus project: Capacity Building in VET. Next to her affiliation to the university Anne-Birgitte is head of FoCUS. FoCUS is a Danish research and knowledge center working to improve research-collaboration and knowledge building within the VET-education of social and health care. The center is built on a partnership between Aalborg University, SOSU-Østjylland and Randers Social- og Sundhedsskole