Guadalupe Soto

I am from the seaport of Salina Cruz Oaxaca – México.I started studying nutrition and food technology in the university of the

“Américas” in Mexico before moving to the Basque Country where I’ve studied industrial chemistry inVET. Three years ago my career turned around when I started doing a confectionery course and currently I am studying kitchen management in CEBANC, in Donostia – San Sebastian.
I love cooking and like to take advantage of the natural raw materials around me to make my
eating habits more balanced and healthier, that is to say that I like to take care of myself.
I’ve always loved the landscape that the Basque Country has and therefore I go hiking whenever I can. Being in contact with the nature has made me take actions to protect it and my participation in the sustainable workshop of Rhodas EfVET conference is part of this. Thank you for the trust you have put in us!